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Phantom Amethyst specifically

Phantom Amethyst is a very clear form of Amethyst.  She looks like Clear Quartz with a line of Amethyst through her - almost as though the amethyst crystal grew inside the clear quartz.   She has secrets within her - messages for her human earth companion - that she is willing to share to assist in the journey her companion is taking right now.  She is here to help.  She also is a great companion for the creative and performing arts helping bring a bit of mystery to the artists creation or performance.



Amethyst in general


Both Grounding and Spiritually Connecting

Helps to end Negative Habits

The Serenity Stone

All Chakras


*1 stone similar to those pictured


Amethyst is Found all over the world.  The most expensive and coveted is the dark purple Amethyst found in Uruguay, though some Brazilian Amethyst rivals it in Beauty.  Amethyst found in some places, including the United States, can be very light purple and sometimes even grey or silver.  There is even one form of Amethyst that I have seen that is pink - but I have not independently verified that that form is truly Amethyst from a mineralogical point of view.  Amethyst forms in geodes - hollow rocks with pure beauty inside! Here You will see Amethyst grow into Crystal Points of various sizes.  However sometimes the geodes form and as the earth goes through changes that geode might be crushed by the pressure of the earth around it.  When that happens Chevron amethyst is formed.  The points of the crystals meld together and become a chevron patterned mineral, usually with Quartz as Amethyst is Quartz with Iron inclusions that give her her coloring and often those inclusions are less present at the base of the crystal.


Amethyst is the one stone to have if you only owned one stone.  She is both a stone of spiritual connection (Crown Chakra) and earth connection (Root Chakra).  She is known as the Serenity Stone because she often helps us to release old negative habits so that we can shift forward into the best version of ourselves.


Amethyst is also a fierce protector.  The beautiful purple stone that is often used in jewelry making has a long history as a protective talisman worn in rings and pendants to guard the wearer from life’s dangers.



Amethyst works with all the energy centers of the body for the highest good of the individual.  She can see your true potential and guide you to fulfilling it.  She understands man is frail and gives unto us her strength.



Chevron Amethyst,  with the history of her creation under pressure from the Mother, is a stone to bring out one’s regal self.  She is a form of Amethyst that adds the energy of leadership and self control.  An energy that helps one to focus on the greatest good of all.


Amethyst - Serenity.  Helps to calm the mind and ease anxiety.  Works in the emotional, spiritual, and physical plane to provide balance, patience, and peace.



A note on buying crystals online...

Know that we understand how difficult it can be to choose a stone without feeling it.  When you order from the Bodhi Tree know that your crystals will be selected by one of our intuitive crystal caretakers.  Vero trusts that the crystals know where they belong and will find their way - trust that the right crystal will find you if you were called to order from our online store.

We are honored that you have chosen The Bodhi Tree as your online Crystal supplier and we hope that you will trust in Spirit, the Universe and/or All that Is that you will receive exactly the stone that is meant for you. Know that your crystal has gone to great lengths and traveled far to be with you. The purpose of this connection is now up to you to discover.


*These stones vary slightly as no two stones are exactly the same. Though all are approximately the same dimensions and look very similar to the stones pictured, we cannot guarantee you will receive one of the EXACT stones pictured.

You will receive ONE (1) stone, hand selected by a certified Crystal Caretaker with love and intuition.

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