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Green Aventurine


Good Luck! 

Has a Stabilizing Energy

Stone of Opportunity

Heart Chakra


*1 stone similar to those pictured


Green Aventurine is a stone of leadership bringing with her opportunities to expand and grow beyond where you may have thought possible.  She has a stabilizing power that allows all of the ideas you have been forming and all of the work that you have been doing to sink in so that all that you have been striving for will appear to just happen - as if by chance.  But it was not by chance, it was always inside of you and the energy of Green Aventurine helped you to settle into it and see it.  When the energy of distraction is calmed we find answers.  Green Aventurine will appear to bless you with good fortune  - yet the good fortune was there, waiting for you to reach a vibrational match with it so that it might be yours.  She helps you to reach that vibrational match by connecting to the heart chakra with an energy that calms the distractions that have kept you from your desires.  She is known as a “good luck” stone, yet she is so much more.  What we as humans might consider luck, she sees as an opportunity that is, of course, available to us - all we have to do is align with it.  By stabilizing the heart chakra, we may more easily align.


On a side note, Green Aventurine is recommended for teenagers as her stabilizing energy assists with things like both mood swings and first date jitters.


So, plan, do the work, be creative and make things happen - and call on Green Aventurine to help with finalizing everything you have in motion.

Aventurine is a term used for quartz with inclusions that give it color that do not have a more specific name, like Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Citrine, and Smoky Quartz.  Aventurine, though most commonly green, can come in blue, red, orange, yellow, pink, white and brown.  Each color is caused by a different inclusion and thus has a different energy.  Green Aventurine has inclusions of fuchsite mica, which is made green by chromium (which also makes Emeralds green).  Chromium is a heart chakra power element with an atomic number of 24. 


Green Aventurine – Luck. Strengthens will. Brings sense of purpose. Encourages creativity and intuition. Enhances prosperity and increases luck. Brings friendship into one’s life.


A note on buying crystals online...

Know that we understand how difficult it can be to choose a stone without feeling it.  When you order from the Bodhi Tree know that your crystals will be selected by one of our intuitive crystal caretakers.  Vero trusts that the crystals know where they belong and will find their way - trust that the right crystal will find you if you were called to order from our online store.

We are honored that you have chosen The Bodhi Tree as your online Crystal supplier and we hope that you will trust in Spirit, the Universe and/or All that Is that you will receive exactly the stone that is meant for you. Know that your crystal has gone to great lengths and traveled far to be with you. The purpose of this connection is now up to you to discover.


*These stones vary slightly as no two stones are exactly the same. Though all are approximately the same dimensions and look very similar to the stones pictured, we cannot guarantee you will receive one of the EXACT stones pictured.

You will receive ONE (1) stone, hand selected by a certified Crystal Caretaker with love and intuition.

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