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Grounding. Helps with Stress. Creates Connection to Nature.

Aragonite has many forms. So many forms that sometimes it seems as though they cannot possibly be related. But they all are.  The reason Aragonite can look so many ways and still be the same crystal is in her microscopic crystal structure - orthorhombic - which is the same in all Aragonite even though it presents very differently on its surface.  In general, the energy of Aragonite calls out to us as a grounding stone. She is often used to center and ground physical energies and is very useful for centering during stressful times. Aragonite stabilizes the root chakra, and strengthens ones connection with the earth. 

Overall, she is a root chakra stone. 

The Brown Banded form of Aragonite brings one’s life into balance. She is especially good at assisting with multitasking by eliminating energies that cause procrastination. She is a stone to help one get a hold on life.


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