Love from our friends…

Love ab-soul-ty Love this shop and the owner Vero what an honor to have met her, she is genuine divine in her truth, and wonderful profound, workshops on crystal knowlegde and incredibly large selection of stones among other amazing spiritual items as well, and meditation technics that I found to be so effective to apply in the daily life, in addition powerful healing transmissions giving me an experience I have never felt before. Thank you, and thank you couldn’t be enough to explain the level of gratitude I have for you and what you do. Everything true no matter what and to me its most beautiful way you could ever consistently habitauly act of, and thats how she is. Blessings from the most high Source.
— Thomas Klein

Bodhi tree is awesome! Veronica and the staff are amazing! It’s awesome that they travel all over the place every year wide and far! This year at faeriecon was great! Their wide selection of products and reasonable prices make, and drive to bring the best and upmost positive work atmosphere and satisfaction to their customers is outstanding! Love this place! I can’t wait to visit the actual store next time!
— Christopher McMahon

My wife and I get our gems in this store, at their Tampa location. Their staff are always very friendly, and knowledgeable.
— Kevin Engle

Without a doubt... if you need a crystal and sage and loving wisdom behind it, run, don’t walk, to The Bodhi Tree and spend a minute with owner Veronica. She is a true goddess and your life will never be the same.
— Shira Adler

If your looking for something Unique.... Here’s your spot!
Along with being a very nice and relaxing atmosphere in itself. The Owners are Awesome Friendly People!
If you haven’t been here yet.... You’re Missing out!
— Lori Zevetchin-Corkum

I absolutely love this store! My son and I visit the store every week and always feel welcome. When there is a need to relax, take a moment and stop by. There is also a nice clothing section and fitting room.
— Alicia Crespo

Mrs. Selena was real knowledgeable about the merchandise in the store . From the perfect crystal to use in different scenarios , sage sticks for burning off negative energy, and introduced me to Mrs. Leslie who does tarot card reading in the back . I did a reading with her and she was really positive and accurate especially when she revealed to me I was dealing with a Pisces man and he is doing his best to win my love. Her reading was 100% relatable. I would strongly recommend coming to this store . I’m sure you will find something of your interest or maybe the perfect gift for someone else.
— Shaiky K.

Such a beautiful store! They have so many choices and the staff was helpful and kind. Can’t wait for my next visit!
— Nicole Torres