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Sterling Silver Rainbow Moonstone Goddess Ring

Size 6

This ring was hand chosen by Vero for the Goddess Collection.  The rough Rainbow Moonstone has vibrant flashes of blue and a powerful tempest of goddess energy while the small faceted Rainbow Moonstone cojoined with it has a clarity that is all seeing to focus that goddess power.


If your inner Goddess had a scepter it would be topped with Rainbow Moonstone. She is most widely recognized as THE Stone of the Sacred Feminine.  She connects us to the energy of female cycles and the moon and can be used energetically to ease discomfort during a woman’s moon cycle.  


Meditation with Rainbow Moonstone flows white light healing rays throughout the aura, representing purity and harmony integration as well as a soul star connection to spirit.  This brings increased intuition and psychic awareness.  


Moonstone is from the feldspar family, a class of stones with many varieties.  The most unique among the feldspar group is, of course, Rainbow Moonstone.  She is a gorgeous, liquid like white that shows an adularescence similar to Labradorite, however her sheen is primarily blue though she can have some sheen of gold and even pink.


She is a stone of Sacred Remembrance.  Her energy opens our connection to a spiritual past that stretches to the beginning of time so that we might remember who we truly are.  Thus she connects us to our true nature and helps us to remember when we forget ourselves.  She will remind you that you are a Goddess should you ever forget.

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