Shungite Orgonite EMF Protector Necklace

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These Orgonite pendants use powerful Shungite crystals to amplify the effects of the orgonite.  Each pendant is a personal protector and will constantly work in your energy field and outwards from your feild 6-12 feet.  On the front of the pendant is the Flower of Life, a symbol of sacred geometry and the fundamental shape on which the universe is built.


About Orgonite

Inspired by the research of Dr. Wilhelm Reich, orgonite is a energy healing device made from resin, metal and crystals, which converts negative or stagnant bioelectric energy into positive energy.  Orgonite also improves the effectiveness of crystal healing.


People use orgonite to purify the atmosphere, to counter-act the effects of EMF radiation, to help plants grow, and to aid in healing practices. Simply put, orgonite creates a positive, balanced environment through its energy healing properties.


About Shungite


2 Billion years old 

Anti-Bacterial Stone

The Fountain of Youth

Root Chakra - Though works well with all Chakras


Shungite is an almost pure carbon mineral with incredible healing properties.  Shungite is another stone that is not technically a crystal, it has no crystalline structure or pattern, even at the microscopic level.  He formed approximately 2 billion years ago when ancient oil deposits aged and became heated by the Earth.  These heated mixtures of ancient earth and oil then became pressurized as they sank into the Earth and Shungite was born.


Shungite is a Stone who is Antibacterial, Antifungal and Antiviral.  His antibiotic properties have been tested by modern science and his folklore has been proven true. (Medical Geology: A Regional Synthesis - 2010.)  He is found exclusively in Russia and was used by Czar Peter the Great as a water purifier - and is still used by Russians today to purify water.


He is a stone that promotes a healthy immune system and can help release stress and anxiety.  He can provide energy boosts throughout your day and also aid in relieving insomnia.  He has balance.  He is an important stone, like Black Tourmaline, for protecting us from EMFs (Electro Magnetic Frequencies like cell phone waves, microwaves, etc.) that disturb our energy field.


Shungite is a healer.  You can use Shungite in gem elixirs, essences, tonics, wands, pendants - you name it.   Shungite is pure black - and black absorbs.  He absorbs every negative, less than light energy that enters your energy field and in its place leaves pure white healing light.

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