Polished Labradorite Flow

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 Protects the Aura and energy field from depletion. A stone of magic and protection.


The magician's Stone!!


Labradorite as felt by Vero


A Deep Earth Crystal

Protective Energy

Stone of Magick

All Chakras



Labradorite is known as a stone of magic and protection, as he has many uses in both.   The Inuit People saw Labradorite as descending from the heavens - a stone of the Aurora Borealis - bringing the magical fire from the sky to the Earth.  This frozen fire was thought to have mystical powers that aided in opening psychic abilities - a quality that Labradorite is still called upon for.  They thought of Labradorite as frozen fire because he is known for an iridescence that seems to come from within, like an inner flame.  This iridescence is actually what is called Adularescence - which is, simply speaking, a more specific word for the type of iridescence - the color play that seems to come from within that disappears as you move the stone.  This quality is also known as the Schiller effect - Schiller being a German word for “color play”.  


And the color play of Labradorite ranges from blue to gold to purple to green and can be an amazing partner for meditation as you can stare at him see new things in him all the time.  When you ask him a question, you can turn him and find answers woven into the fabric of his beautiful being.


And though the Inuits thought he rained down from the stars as frozen fire, he actually comes from deep in the earth.  He is a deep earth crystal formed by pressure and found in many regions, not just Labrador, the region in Canada for which it is named. (Though he is sometimes called Spectrolite.) . A large deposit of Labradorite was found near the Earth’s surface in the Appalachian Mountain Range, thought to have risen with the tectonic plates of the Earth that pushed together to form the mountain range so many many moons ago.


He is a valuable ally of mine and I carry him with me often, especially when I am working in one of my stores or on the road at an event where I am speaking to groups of people.  And I think he will be a valuable ally to you as well - for the same reason I call upon him.  


As a person who is open and available to others, there are times when others latch on to that energy and that latch can be draining.  Some call that an “Energy Vampire”, but I call it being a human in need.  Often those who are “Vampires” have no idea they are latching on, but they lack the energy that is being given and they try to drink up as much as they can when they are around someone who gives.   This can be very draining of one’s personal energy and leave one feeling tired and lethargic.  


Labradorite acts as a fortifier of the energy field, allowing one to give - even to those who take and take and take - yet the energy field remains intact.


This fortifying of the energy field allows one to better connect to higher spiritual planes to awaken one’s intuition opening portals to telepathy, clairvoyance and the day to day magic of manifesting and controlling the seeming coincidences of life.


This is a stone to work with daily and over time to truly grow in tune with his magic.  I suggest wearing Labradorite on your person, whether as jewelry or in your pocket as a touchstone for a full season to begin to comprehend his magic.



Labradorite is a stone for healers, speakers, teachers - anyone who gives of themselves to others.


Labradorite is excellent for those who have trouble setting boundaries. 


He can also assist you, should you call upon him, in getting through difficult situations.  His ability to fortify the auric field can hold you up through difficult and dark times with grace, as if assisted by magic.  His protective energy will shroud you with strength until such a time as you are in a safe space to release and be vulnerable.  When that release happens Labradorite will work with you to allow that release to be used for your highest good.

*These stones vary slightly as no two stones are exactly the same. Though all are approximately the same dimensions and look very similar to the stone pictured, we cannot guarantee you will receive the EXACT stone pictured. You will receive one stone from this grouping, hand selected by a certified Crystal Caretaker with love and intuition. We are honored that you have chosen The Bodhi Tree as your online Crystal supplier and we hope that you will trust in spirit, the Universe and/or All that Is that you will receive exactly the stone that is meant for you. Know that your crystal has gone to great lengths and traveled far to be with you. The purpose of this connection is now up to you to discover.

When ordering this product you will receive one stone.

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