Our Story

A Passion for Helping Others.

The Bodhi Tree (pronounced /BŌ' DĒ/) is dedicated to embracing and respecting all cultures. We find we align with the ideals of many of the worlds spiritual practices. This leads us to our passion for helping others who may be struggling, not identifying with their own divinity, or that part of them that is connected to God or Spirit or whichever name you choose. We choose to use the Earth energy of the crystals to assist in enlightenment - and we respect the many paths to "Heaven" or "Nirvana" without judgement.

Who are we?

At The Bodhi Tree we "wear many hats."

We believe that we are all the Shaman of our own experience. We are passionate about encouraging our clients and friends to explore their spirituality to find whatever method works for them to connect to that divine spark within, that spark that gives us hope that we as humans can connect as one tribe and bring a peace to this planet. We also believe that spiritual discovery and the discovery of a personal path to health go hand in hand. We encourage holistic wellness and are always looking for new ways and new options to give to our clients and friends in the area of health and wellness. And last but not least, we love to have fun. We believe in celebrating this life. So look for Drum Circles and Solstice Gatherings and other joyful occasions to be a regular part of The Bodhi Tree experience.

Behind the Bodhi Tree...

Veronica "Vero" Bero is the Founder and Co-Owner of The Bodhi Tree Crystal Shops.

At The Bodhi Tree she teaches that we are all the Shaman of our own experience, divine beings connected to all that is and that Crystals are the Earth’s tools and gifts, given to us by the divine to aid in our progression and on this life path.

She is passionate about encouraging everyone she connects with to explore their spirituality to find whatever path works for them to connect to that divine spark within, that spark that gives us hope that we as humans can connect as one tribe and bring a peace to this planet.

She also believes that spiritual discovery leads to a discovery of health and wellness - the body is the temple. She encourages holistic wellness and is always looking for items to bring into the store that work on both a spiritual and physical plane.

She personally created and oversees The Bodhi Tree’s Crystal Education courses and retreats. She is the Sacred Crystal Caretaker and encourages all to bring beauty and magic into all that we do.

She has been featured in magazines such as Newsweek’s Spiritual Living Issue. Event Bookmagazine’s Book of Miracles and Wanderlust’s online Travel Zine and is editor of The Bodhi Tree’s own Magazine, Bodhi.

Vero takes on her name, which means Truth in many languages, and works diligently to stand for all light.

She is an Ordained Minister and Spiritual Advisor, Reiki Practitioner, Writer, Mom, Shaman, Free Spirit, Friend, Goddess, Dancer, Speaker, Angel, (a lil’ bit devil), and Moderate Housekeeper (because there are so many other things to do with one’s time).

Our Family. We are a real American small business here to serve you, our customers. Thank you for your support.

The Bodhi Corporate Team - Also known as The Divine Council

Andi Roberts

First day of Leo, a full force bundle of fiery New England energy. I lead the stores from the background, building spirits and motivating our team to be the best they can be. Proud military spouse, archer, and outdoor loving adventurer. In my time with The Bodhi Tree, I have developed a deep rooted family bond with the employees and customers. I believe in warm welcomes and true connections. My nature is to nurture, I am always here to help, boost up the vibes, and remind you that you are exceptional in every way!

Kendall The Tinker

The Internet Fairy Princess from the Royal House of Tinker.

(Thought to be the great great granddaughter of Tinkerbell, though hard to prove the genealogy of a dandelion.)

She tinkers with all the social, and internet things and is known to randomly jump on our page and accidentally frighten visitors who don’t realize they are playing tag with her!

Favorites: Tea, with a little bit of honey under the moon light....KITTIES and cleansing crystals in moon rituals!!

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