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Sacred Crystal Caretaker Certification Course

Level 1- The Sacred Crystals Online Course

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A note from Vero

Whether you wish to someday run your own shop or you just want to have the Crystal Knowledge to be able to use Crystal Energy in your every day Magical Life - this course will leave you with a solid foundation of Crystal Knowledge and Lore and the confidence to use and discuss the uses of Crystal Energy in your daily routine.

I knew when I expanded my Crystal Shops beyond me as a Sole Proprietress that I would need very special people to be able to duplicate my success in my small brick and mortar business. Anyone can work a retail job - but it takes a special and well educated soul to run a Spiritual and Metaphysical Crystal Shop. Since I cannot be in multiple places at once, I had to train people to treat the crystals, the energy of the store, and the people who came in with the same care, respect and knowledge that I did. Thus Crystal Caretakers were born.

I have never had mere employees. Since I first hired help to run my stores I have expanded to 7 locations and and have trained hundreds of Crystal Caretakers, which I attribute as the number one reason for The Bodhi Tree's success.

I look forward to going on this journey with you and I will be available to you with all of the knowledge I have in my head for not only the duration of this class, but for your lifetime as a Crystal Caretaker.

Namaste and Blessed Be!

Vero Bero

Owner, Bodhi Tree, Inc.

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Course Details

Sacred Crystal Caretaker Certification Course - Level 1 8 Weeks Online- Education + Certification

Taught by Vero Bero of The Bodhi Tree Crystal Shops

Price: $60.00

This class is open for enrollment.

Course Outline

Every week we will focus on 4 different crystals. We will deep dive into their energies and discover practical ways to introduce crystals into our everyday lives. Throughout the course we will also be learning various ways to use crystal energy, including:

  • Connecting and partnering (aka, programming)

  • Cleansing

  • Meditations

  • Soul art + crafting

  • Physical healing

  • Creating a crystal inspired wand

  • Crystal charging

  • Create a crystal necklace

  • Obtaining a vibrational understanding of crystal power

  • Crystal therapy + grids

  • Chakra balancing

  • Home placement

  • Essence making

  • Cooking + teas

  • How to ask them for help in various situations

    Uses in ceremony
    …And Much More

Course Schedule

Week One - The Calling
We begin by exploring what it was that pulled us to discovering crystal energy and meet the Crystal Allies that are the basic stones to begin your crystal collection.

Week Two - Diving In
We expand our collection and our knowledge as we immerse ourselves in expansive crystal energy.

Week Three - Igniting Your Passion
We will explore stones that will not only inspire our love of crystals but inspire our zest for life, love and all the things!

Week Four - Ancient Wisdom
We will meet some classic stones with deep history and connection to humans and learn why these ancient beings continue to keep a close connection with us.

Week Five - The Sacred Masculine
We will work with the grounding protectors and unlock the secrets their divine guidance so that we might live in balanced harmony.

Week Six - The Sacred Feminine
This is a fun week in which we play in the energy of the Divine Feminine and explore stones closely related to the goddess and the cycles of the moon.

Week Seven - Back in Black
We will learn how to identify the most popular black stones and and the variations of their protective energies.

Week Eight - Raising the Vibration
All crystals, whether they connect to root or crown chakra, are high vibration beings that will affect the energy of any energy field they come into. Here we will get to know some that will raise your vibration and have a profound impact that will stay with you long beyond this class.

Sacred Crystal Caretaker Certification Course

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Our Facebook Group is for Sacred Crystal Caretakers ONLY!

This course is completely available to you in a private Facebook group that Vero will be on and active in where we can share our progress, ask question and get extra bonus information hot off the presses from Vero and other Certified Crystal Caretakers and Sacred Crystal Leaders.


Live Retreat Discount

Thinking about the online course vs the live retreat? Think no more. As a special bonus for signing up for the online course you get the price of the online course subtracted from the cost of the Live Retreat - AT ANY SACRED CRYSTALS LIVE RETREAT - you choose. Live retreats will be held stateside AND all over the world. This offer is valid on The Bodhi Tree's Sacred Crystals Live retreats only.


No time constraints.

This in an 8 week course. AND this course is yours to complete whether it takes 8 weeks or 8 years. This information is yours and will remain yours as long as you want it to be available to you.


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