Chakra Balancing Bracelets - Fluorite

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8mm Fluorite beads with a bead for each of the 7 chakras of the physical body.


Choose Fluorite as the base to your balancing bracelet if you are looking to enhance your quiet time with a deeper connection to spirit.  This connection can allow you to focus more on whatever it is you are working on.  It is particularly good for students who must focus on their studies even though the word and technology provide so many distractions. 

Fluorite should also be your choice if you are working on enhancing your psychic connection to the universe.  Becoming one with all that is allows us to have access to the knowledge of the universe and through that knowlege we can see a broader picture and that gift can be of service to many.  If you are on the path of spiritual advisor or psychic medium, Fluorite is a valuable partner.


The Chakra Stones:

Amethyst - Here representing the Crown - Connection to Spirit

Lapis - Third Eye - The seat of intuition

Howlite  - Throat - The anger eater, quieting harsh words to ourselves and others

Aventurine - Heart - True prosperity and an abundance of love

Citrine - Solar Plexus - Manifesting our desires into reality

Tiger Eye - Sacral - Balancing our passions and desires in this real world

Red Agate - Root - here calling on her powers of Strength and her desire to protect us in daily life.







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