The fashion of being offended

Writing about 9/11 last week - was that last week? With the 24hour news cycle it already seems like months ago. Maybe I am bending time - I have a lot to do so it is stretching to feel like a month, lol. Well, writing about 9/11 last week I realized how much has changed since then - I refuse to age but I am definitely getting older. 

In the time since 9/11 this thing we call social media happened - that didn’t blow up until 2009 really.  9/11 was 2001 for those who weren’t there for it.  Since Social Media happened we have all, as amazing as it sounds, become “experts”. Now we didn’t study to become experts we just all are and, like most pedantic epistemophiles, we tend to get offended by the smallest of infractions.  But why?  What on earth has taken us from a society that can joke with each other and laugh at ourselves to a society that is constantly in hurt feeling mode?  It makes no sense to me.  I think we are all just taking ourselves too seriously.

I mean we have made up I don’t know how many different genders and it is really uncool to not identify as something exotic - even plain old Goddesses like myself are supposed to identify as Cisgender if we want to be hip but goddess forbid I call my self a woman. It makes no sense.

Well, dear ones, I am rebelling against that - I am fiercely female. I love men. I find women beautiful, though I have no desire to sleep with them. I can laugh at myself when I am foolish or someone calls me on something. I like being human, even though it is temporary. And this is just one example of how it is fashionable to be offended. Someone calls you she when you’re cis - the nerve.

People are also offended at politics, even if they have no idea what’s going on. Today’s popular celebrity says this is the political meaning of this - so it must be true. After all, they are an expert. It doesn’t matter if their expertise is at pretending to be someone else on tv - it counts.

People are even offended by comedy. PEOPLE - THAT IS COMEDY. Comedy is going to offend someone, that is why it’s funny.

Finally, we even get offended by memes - well, I don’t, but I have seen it happen. A woman I know posted a hilarious meme and her post was about how much it made her mad. Meanwhile, everyone is not reading her post but laughing and liking and sharing the meme. I guess the jokes on her.

My point in writing about this is that when we laugh at ourselves and take things a little less seriously, we tend to have a little more fun and enjoy this time we have been given to be a part of the experiment of being separate beings. In the end we are all one. This being individual is a gift. From a spiritual perspective I guess I should be grateful for those being so offended because I don’t have to be. I get to be carefree.

I am happily out of style!

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