New This Week - Sonora Sunrise

Physical Vitality and True Communication - Stone of Empowerment and Freedom

Sonora Sunrise is a newly discovered combination stone from Mexico. It consists of Cuprite (copper oxide) and Chrysocolla (hydrous copper silicate) and has a distinctive, vibrant brick/red and turquoise coloration.

The frequency of Sonora Sunrise connects to the throat, base and sacral chakras. It opens and activates and strengthens the base chakra so that one may feel safe and secure within one's physical vehicle. It helps "life force energy" to flow freely through the chakras so that one's vibrations are raised. The energy of Sonora Sunrise helps to strengthen one's etheric body aiding with one's physical vitality.

The supportive energy of the Cuprite in Sonora Sunrise helps one to have courage and to allow one's creative energies to manifest that which one desires and for one's highest good.

Via the connection to the sacral chakra the energy of Sonora Sunrise helps to support and stabilize one's emotions helping one to release stress, anxiety and other fear-based emotions from one's emotional body, allowing one to feel comfortable, safe and supported in one's physical vehicle.

The Chrysocolla content of Sonora Sunrise allows one to speak from one's heart so that a "true" communication with others can take place.

The feminine energy of Sonora Sunrise helps one to connect to the Divine feminine energies bringing a soothing nurturing energy to one's energy fields. It can help with reproductive and female hormonal issues and throat disorders.


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