Keep Moving Forward...

It was a key phrase of the famous Walt Disney: "Keep Moving Forward." A character that lived after him in in a film called Finding Nemo repeats the mantra: "Just keep swimming." (Thank you, Dory.)

You see, Disney, and many of the characters created by the franchise that bears his name, believed success was inevitable if you do not give up. In fact, the only way to fail is to quit, or give up, or stop momentum.

Sometimes life seems to get in the way of what we are working toward and I understand your protests: "But Veronica, I have bills to pay. How do I keep moving toward my dreams?" And I say find a way. Find one little thing that helps you to move forward. It can be a five minute break to read something in line with your desires or taking the time to journal, either in the morning or before bed, about what you have accomplished and what you plan to do next. Simply giving the dream regular attention will help bring that dream closer to reality.

Soon you will begin to realize that the journey towards you dream is a part of the dream itself, then it gets FUN.

Take a moment to appreciate where you are, where you have been, how far you have come, and how far you can go.

The most important thing I can remind you of is to never give up. How long would you wait before you give up on the baby who is learning to walk and say: "Forget it, kid, if you haven't learned by now...." No, never, it is laughable. You help the baby learn to walk until the baby has mastered it. We must help ourselves the same way, with the gentle nurturing love we give the child, and we must keep moving forward until we have mastered.

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