How we do anything How we do Everything...

Or it could be said: How you do everything is how you will do anything. It's about setting standards for yourself and living up to those standards. What type of person are you? It is Holiday Time, which many people find quite stressful. Do you act out when under stress and make excuses for yourself that that is okay? Because you are under stress? Or do you handle stress with grace, knowing that it is temporary, it will pass and make you stronger? Because how you do that, is how you always do that. It's how you show up.

My reason for writing this today is that sometimes I react poorly to stress. Sometimes I take it out on those around me. Sometimes I blame the mirrors in my life, the ones closest to me, for doing what it is that I am doing: getting stressed and taking it out on someone else. And my guess is that I am not alone. Like so many of you (or people you know, maybe) I want to be the example...the centered, spiritual, light giving goddess. And sometimes I am not. However, I am aware of that, which is the first step.

By bringing an awareness to "how we do things" we can begin to evaluate and set higher standards for ourselves, especially when it comes to our interaction with others. Being "stressed out" does not give us the right to treat our loved ones poorly. That is living life with very low standards. We all have an opportunity to "Raise the Bar" and set high standards for ourselves. We have the opportunity to be the best us we can be. We owe it to ourselves to give ourselves high standards to live up to. After all, we love our family; right? They deserve the best "us" we can be, too.

I am raising my standards. I invite you to join me.

*I have to say here that I wouldn't have this awareness were it not for my exposure to Anthony Robbins. I am grateful for that and I highly recommend his programs.


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