Here is to new habits....

A note from Vero…

Habits create the structure of our being. Good habits have an insanely positive effect on our wellbeing while habits that are lacking in helpfulness…well, you already know this. But all of us are able to change our habits. Good habits can fall by the wayside AND they can also be picked up again. And even people surrounded by positive crystal vibes can fall into the cycle of letting a good habit go, getting upset about it, and finally actually doing something about it. Take me for example.

When I started the Bodhi Tree I wrote a newsletter every week. It had when and where we would be on the weekend (we didn’t have stores back then - just a tent) and a blog post. Usually channeled - something for someone in particular. I would never know who my messages were for but I always got an email back saying - this one spoke to me. Or sometimes just Thank You. Then, without even realizing it, I fell out of the habit. It was slow and unnoticed until time went by and I was able to say “I used to send out a newsletter…”

The good news is I can start again. I can start right now. I can start with this post - you know, since newsletters are “so 2013”, why not a blog?

In Bodhi News

Online Shopping is here!

www.BodhiTree.Rocks is up and running! I will be the first to admit that it isn’t perfect - I need to add some better photos and get the remaining 5000+ products online AND I am still quite proud of it. I want to thank the goddess Alexis for helping my vision of what I wanted it to be come to life and my friends and coworkers, Donald and Tiffiny, for bearing with me as we photograph, weigh and measure every inch of our inventory. It is a big job for our small crew - but first orders are in and the shipping went seamlessly so far. I am honored and proud.


What will be our 2nd biggest store - Governor’s Square in Tallahassee

What will be our 2nd biggest store - Governor’s Square in Tallahassee

Coming Soon to Brandon

The Bodhi Tree is expanding again! This time to the west side of the Tampa Bay are - Brandon, FL. We will be opening the largest Bodhi Tree ever at the Westfield Brandon Mall. The location will be complete with a lounge area by the book nook, a space for readers, healers and maybe even a henna artist and maybe even a spot for classes! The details are all being worked out as to how the space will organically evolve but the lease is signed and we are opening! As soon as October 1 we will be calling Brandon home so let your friends know - we are hiring - all positions - and looking for talented professional readers etc. who need a space to work from. Please comment with all your ideas!