Gratitude for the Assistance of Divine Intervention

It was a dry September, not much rain had fallen and all of the four legged ones were in search of water. For once along the highway there were almost no deer - they were sticking to the creeks and other places where water still stood. Not all animals were so lucky though. Those with smaller legs had to cover proportionally more area to get precious water. This was why we had seen so many raccoons.

I knew a raccoon as a child. Her name was Rosemary and she was tame and loved. She had fallen from her nest when she was only a palmful and been raised in the loving home of two of my favorite people. Raccoons are curious and smart. They are protectors and providers, always looking at the good of the tribe first. Raccoons are, of course, clever, and one of their cleverest gifts is to teach us the importance of living in the moment.

As I drove our 32 foot motorhome down the highway - a task that is not as easy as the little old ladies you see driving them make it look!, I noticed so many raccoons that had been sacrificed to the side of the road. What did that mean really? - I asked myself.

A few hours from home I got a text - which Brad read because I was driving - saying that our beloved Black and White Tuxedo Cat, Mittens, was missing and had not been seen since breakfast the day before. I am sure I turned white. I decided at that moment that we didn’t know anything and all I could do would be to manifest the best possible result. I remembered the sacrifice of all of the raccoons I had passed and I asked the universe through their collective soul to please help us to have Mittens return to us. Seemed appropriate as they are both black and white (ish).


Not 10 minutes later, Mittens returned - meowing on the back porch for our friend to let him in. How he got out I still do not know- he is clever - like a raccoon - and sneaks out often.

Not 10 minutes after that, A full grown raccoon ran in front of the motorhome. I wasn’t speeding and was completely paying attention. He darted out. There was no swerving that monster or slamming breaks on its thousands of pounds. He may have gone between the tires and survived - I will never know. I may have killed that innocent creature. But I did promise to look into his message and to give thanks and gratitude to all that is that my kitten returned. I am sure I need him more than vice versa.

One of Raccoon’s highest gifts is that he teaches us the universal law of giving back to the source of our strength, guidance, and protection. He says to honor where we came from. For me, that source of strength is divine connection. I hereby express gratitude to all the Raccoons. I honor my source of strength, the knowledge that we are all one, connected in this existence. You, me, and even Mittens - connected. It is with this knowledge that I can face anything and see myself in even the saddest of others (as well as the happiest.)

I am reminded of a quote from Das Energi by Paul Williams - one of my favorite books:

Each man is an Island. We are all one being. Each man is an Island, alone, cut-off, distant, full of pain of that distance, reaching out every moment to ease his loneliness, becoming ever more conscious of his alone-ness, moving heaven and earth to fill that empty place, that gnawing hunger, that bottomless pit of the heart that is always deepest just at the moment you think you’ve finally filled it. It is absurd. It is unbearable. It is the force that keeps us going, the destroyer of peace, the sole motivation, outward urge, the source of all pain and joy, hope and despair, hatred, love, the meaning of life. We are all one being. Nothing more, nothing less. We are each alone, cut off from our Self by oceans of distance, struggling for awareness but blinded by terror, desperate for peace but unable to rest.

Each man is an island. Each island is an extension of the same damn planet.

It is when we realize that we are all connected that we really “get” it. That is when all of the love is the answer stuff makes sense. Also as an Island knowing that I am connected to all that is - I get to take pleasure in being alone without trying to fill a gap. That is my source of strength. I know I am never alone because I am a child of the universe connected to ALL that is

I am honored and grateful to be on the path I am on doing all of the beautiful things I get to do. I am honored and grateful for the awareness I am fortunate enough to possess. I am honored and grateful that I can share my love and connection with others and empower them. Thank you, Raccoon, for your sacrifice. It is because of you that I enjoyed this moment of awareness.

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