A Moment of Gratitude with Veronica

As we go through our days being pulled into this 3D world and its many directions, it is so easy to get caught up in our schedules, all the stuff that needs to be done to do what you need to do next. I understand, I do it too. And I invite you now, and I am joining you as I type this, to take a moment and feel that warm vibration called gratitude. It is absolutely awesome. Right now mine is simple:

* "I am grateful for you, I am grateful you read this much of my newsletter, I am grateful to be able to write this newsletter, I am grateful for my career as a healer and as a keeper of crystals. I'm grateful they go hand in hand. I'm grateful that I can be the artist I am inside and make candles and jewelry. I'm grateful for my family, without whom life would be much less interesting."

And, like me, once you start it is hard to stop. I think it is because it feels so good to be grateful.

In Lak'ech ala K'in ~ Veronica

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