10mm Stackable Sphere - Round Crystal Bracelet

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10mm Bracelets are larger and suitable for everyone.  Their larger size means you get a nice amount of crystal (and Crystal Energy) for the price!

Bracelet comes on durable elastic stretch cord.


Stone Meanings:

Snowflake Obsidian can help us see what is unconciously hidden - things like fears and different patterns that play out in our lives.  She is helpful through change and has a protective energy of the guardian angel realm.


Larvakite is a protective and grounding ally for day to day wear.  She connects us with the energy of the earth and can align us with the spirits of nature.


Tiger Eye is a stone of balance in all things.  It give us a centering focus and awareness of all around us.  He can be a useful tool in attracting and maintaining wealth and power yet he holds a calm wisdom that helps us to use that power in harmony with the world around us - for the greater good.


Red Agate is also known as Carnelian and is a stone that ignites passions.  She amps up our energy and makes all things possible if we trust in our creativity to get them done.Because she is in the Agate family she also has an energy of protection and can help in times of stress.


Lapis Lazuli is a third eye opener and a key to the gateway of the spirit world.  Lapis brings the energy of understanding both oneself and of more spiritual concepts that unite all of us as one.  He brings acceptance and is an aid to serenity.


Opalite is a man made stone or man made opal.  It's metaphysical value relies on it as a focal point of meditation. Opalite is beautiful and within her swirls of color flow pathways to better communication including communication with the higher realms of consciousness.  Focus on her light flowing from within you and eradicating all negativity caught or stuck in your auric field.


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